I was called to clean out my baskets that sit on my bookshelf yesterday and I didn’t get around to it but this morning making my coffee the instinct returned and although I didn’t really want to start a clearing out task I’ve come to find it in my best interest to follow my intuition. As I pulled the contents of these baskets out on to the living room floor I was gifted with a specific pile of beautiful reminders of love, life and the importance of following the guidance I’m given.

Book - The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. I bought this book at Hawaii airport last year for the flight home. Being solo with a small child, there is no chance of sleeping on a 10 hour flight. It was a moment when I went to grab my standard magazine when I consciously made the decision to change. I could read another crappy magazine, get to the end of the glossy pages, beautiful people, feel worse about myself and then throw it out but in this small insignificant moment I decided to be a woman who reads books, who reads novels and who reads for pleasure. I loved this book, I read the entire thing on the flight and it spiralled me on a love affair over the past year of amazing novels and reading just for the love of it.

When I returned home in Australia from that flight one of the first things I did was go and see my sister and confess to her that I was struggling, that I didn’t know what direction my life was going and I didn’t know what to do next. Next was a coffee date with my brother-in-law to talk about my career and what was possible for me. They were really hard conversations to get started because I remember feeling like I just didn’t know where to start or what words would follow. But these small moments, in hindsight… the book over the magazine, speaking truth to my sister and getting curious about my career with my brother we are life pivoting moments.

Book - The Danish Way of Parenting. One of the only parenting books I’ve read, and it gave me (and still gives me) confidence in the way I choose to parent Sophie. Aiming to empower her, allow her freedom and independence from me (no helicopter parenting), to give her grace to make her own mistakes and trust her and her experiences are shaping her to be a capable human being. To be open in communication and authentic rather than an ideal of perfection.

Book - A Course In Miracles. This spiritual guide changed how I viewed myself, my actions, intentions and had a massive impact on the way I related to Sophie’s Dad. It taught me the power of forgiveness, of soulful integrity and that inner peace and connection to God and the whole universe is always available. It gave me a higher perspective as to how we are all connected on a spiritual level and to live from that place. When one rises we all rise, and when one hurts we all hurt. I discovered the art of forgiveness through the teachings in this book.

Book - A Slight Edge. This book is mini with a mighty message; the little things matter. Those small moments when its easy to do and easy not to do, they are the moments of power that create change. This wisdom in this message reminds me to do that 1% more, not because it matters today but because over time it adds up. Those little things compound to create change. This is a powerful message when it comes to health, parenting, relationships and anything in life, do something a little extra that your future self will thank you for.

Book - The 5 Love Languages. Reminding me that we are all unique in our needs and how we give and receive love. I haven’t read this book in years and yet there wouldn’t be a day that goes by that I don’t apply the principals from this book. If we can understand how someone receives love I’m better able to meet their needs and also communicate what I need. This is a must read to enhance every relationship in your life!

An invoice from a professional car clean. This came at a moment in time when I started my new role as a rep, where my car is basically my office. I invested in a full professional clean of my car. It was expensive but it was symbolic for me of honouring myself, my new job and a new path. I was giving the lovely couple who ran the business, feedback on what an amazing job they had done and the wife confided to me that her husband’s cancer had returned and he only had weeks to live. They were hoping he might make Christmas. This man was still showing up to his business, still doing an amazing job for his clients and giving to others. It had such an impact on me to be so grateful that I was in a position to be starting something new. Death always puts things in perspective. How beautiful that he wanted to keep giving to others when his life was ending.

A photo of me and a man I once loved. Maybe the only man who I’ve felt has really known every part of me and loved me exactly as I am. He showed me what it is to love someone without wanting to change them, to honour the woman I am and to not hold back my own personal expansion for a man. He also taught me how to leave someone you love with grace and honesty and that not every man you love is destined to stay in your life.

I’ve taken beautiful lessons from every man I’ve dated. In my eyes they have all entered my life with divine timing and given me the opportunity to discover more about myself, partnership and love. And for every lovely man who I’ve met on my path, they have helped shape the woman I am now.

A notebook and words of truth. There were two notebooks. One filled from first to last page with writing and a new one with the only words written in it by a beautiful friend. Fresh pages, for fresh stories. The notebooks remind me that my love of reflective writing is a gift given to me, it’s something I love doing and to keep exploring these things on my heart. And the words from that friend… a friend who reminds me to speak truth in to people. To speak the truth of who we know someone to be, rather than speak to their downfalls or weaknesses. Every one of us deserves to have people look past our fear based behaviour and see in our true light.

These are her words… maybe you need them today.

You are strong, courageous and designed with purpose on your life.

“Faith shows the reality of what is hoped for, it is the evidence of things we cannot see” - Hebrews 11:11

Use your words to lift people. Use your words to breathe life in to people. Speak only kind words of the light you see in them.

Jen x