Hi there,  I'm Jen.

Hey babe, I'm Jen.

Four years ago I separated from my long term love and daughters Dad, and as I looked for examples of what a happy, successfully separated family looked like I couldn’t find anyone who inspired me.

I was seeing so many women remain in their grief and pain of divorce and never come out the other side with the type of thriving life that I wanted for myself.

I always believed something new and wholesome could be created out of that ending. So, through a whole lot of self discovery, healing, love, trial and error, we did it our way. Creating a strong, loving, healthy family for ourselves, Sophie and the lives around us, on our terms.

And if you want that too, I encourage you to start within. Start with your health and happiness and a vision of more for yourself and your loved ones.

Love, Jen x

Encouraging Single Mums to be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and create thriving modern families